Monday, July 28, 2014

Free Pattern: Crutch Carryall

I've been learning to ride a bike as an adult, well the universe decided it didn't like me improving myself and learning new skills and tipped me off my bike.  I dislocated and broke my ankle because I don't do things by halves.

Like any good crafter the first thing I decided to do was make a bag to attach to my crutches, partly to carry things and partly to make them look pretty.

Crutch Carryall

This pattern is very very simple, the bag is pretty small but it holds a water bottle without getting in the way of my legs.  I used half doubles, I found it gave me the best mix of close weave of fabric but not taking forever.  It also meant that I could get my buttons through the stitches without having to make button holes.

You will need:
US J crochet hook
.5 skein of aran weight yarn (I used lion brand, wool-ease)
Scrap yarn for granny square pocket
two buttons

Granny Square Pocket:

Make a 4 round granny square, I used 4 different yarns but you can do whatever suits your bag.  If you don't know how to make a granny square Purl Bee has a good description (
Weave in ends, except for the last round, leave a long enough tail on this one to sew pocket to bag.

Main Bag:
Ch 31, leaving tail long enough to sew up bag afterwards
Row 1: work 1 sc into second ch from hook, continue sc into each chain until the end. Join with sl st into 1st sc. You will now be working in rounds.
Rnd 1 - ?: hdc in all sts around. Continue around until bag measures 6". Don't cut yarn.

The straps are designed to wrap around the outside of the crutch and hook over the hand pads but leaving the grips clear.
Row 1: continuing on from bag, hdc in 5 sts, ch1, turn.
Repeat like this until strap is 9.5".
My buttons fit through the weave of the fabric, if yours don't you'll need to add a button hole a couple of rows away from the end.

For the second strap, lay the bag flat so your first strap is on the edge.  Attach yarn at the other edge, work hdc 5 times working towards the inside. Continue as for the first strap.

With tail of your granny square sew pocket onto the front of the bag (the straps are on the back). Make sure to sew only the sides and bottom.
Sew up the bottom of the bag.
Attach buttons to the base of the straps.
Attach two 6" long pieces of yarn to the bottom corners of the bag. You'll tie these to the crutch to steady the bag and stop it from swinging around.

This is a free pattern, please don't reprint without permission. And please don't sell the end product.

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